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I'm Glad I Found You [R] Chap 27

Chapter 27

"Yun, stop. " Jae wiggled at the dressing table, cause of Yunho tasting him all over.

" Master, You have visitor." Bulter Kang said from outside the locked door.

"Ahh, Someone's here. Yun mmm..aah.." Jae eyes was rolled back as Yunho took his member into his mouth, deep throat him.

"Ahh..shyt...stop...Yun..ahh.." Jae moaned softly knowing Butler Kang is still waiting for Yunho's respond.

"Urghh, He'll be..mmm..out soon.." Jae controlled his moans and replied Butler Kang.

Yunho smirked, sucking Jae harder and faster. As Jae almost came, The locked door was flunk open with a key at the keyhole. " What the fuck Jung Yunho!! " the auntie shouting.

Rolling his eyes, Yunho stood up giving Butler Kang a death glare. Jae who was in pain but also couldnt help but blushed hard, turning his back on butler Kang and auntie.

"What the hell are you doing? who gave you the permission to come into my room? and even opening my locked door!!" Yunho shouted.

"Y-You answer me first!! what were you doing!! " Auntie voice kinda cracked when shouting at Yunho.

"Why are you asking me a stupid question when you already saw what you saw." Yunho said, Getting a hard frown from Butler Kang. Reminding him that he shouldnt say that

"oh my god oh my god.." Auntie hold the back of her neck.

"Would you leave now? i wanna calm him off, or you would like to stay and watch." Yunho smirked at his auntie. With that Yunho stood closer to Jae grabbing both of Jae hands tight and stroke him hard.

"Ahhh... Yun..s-stop.." Jae whined, pushing Yunho hand away.

"Omo omo..." Auntie hold her nape, nearly blackout but Butler Kang held her out.

"lock the door.. " Yunho told Butler Kang, then continuing his left business with Jae.

"You such an idiot, Yun. How could you do that to me in front of Auntie?" Jae glared at Yunho.

"Well, Wasnt it fun? seeing her like that" Yunho chuckled.

"T-thats .........." Jae wanted to agree but didnt dare to say anything.

"Lets see what she'll do next." Yunho laughed super hard just remembering the face of his aunt.

"you are mean, what if she had an heart attack." Jae said.

"Aish, she have a strong heart.. Shall we do it every time she's here?" Jae gave Yunho a smack and said a BIG NO.

"Omo, so you two were caught in action?" Kibum eyes was seriously wide open. Jae nodded with a flushed face.

"Daebak, i wanna see her expression!" Junsu squealed.

"Aishh, Su. i was scared to death. she was very very angry at Yunho." Jae bite his lips.

"Aishh, what to be scared about Yunho Hyung is always by your side. Nothing will happen." Kibum pad Jae.

"I hope so, What if she call me and ask me to leave Yunho?" Junsu and Kibum frowned.

"Tell Yunho Hyung about it, even if she say dont tell." Junsu said.

"Hai, i hope that wont happen. So scary.." Jae shivered alittle.

"Erm, Hyung. can you guys be caught in action at home, i really wanna see that bitch reaction." Kibum and Junsu laughed together.

"Aishh!, why all of you think the same!" Jae growled.

"omo who?" Junsu asked.

"Who else? the main culprit." Jae said. Kibum and Junsu laughed again.

"see hyung, we think alike.." Both brothers rolling around the bed laughing.

"hai, i see Yunho is in trouble.." Changmin sang to Yunho.

"Shut up.." Yunho blew some air out.

"Why not marry him?" Yoochun suggested

"Are you mad?" Yunho frowned. "he's still young, i dont think he wants to be tied down with me so early" Yunho finished his sentence.

"You dint even ask and you assume? What if he wants and waiting for you to tie him down?" Yoochun said.

" Just propose, we'll help." Changmin smiled happily.

"You guys are giving me weird suggestion, i'll think about it." Yunho sighed.

"What you are not willing to marry him?" Changmin asked.

"No of course not, i just scared to be rejected." Yunho covered his face with his hands.

"Hah, Not like if he rejects he's gonna leave you." Yoochun chuckled.

"You dont understand, what if Junsu rejects your proposal?" Yunho asked. Yoochun sighed.

"Su, Hows everything at home?" Yoochun cuddled Junsu at his house sofa.

"Yunho Hyung and Jae Hyung problem only, other then that is fine." Junsu snuggled more into Yoochun arms.

"Hey we are here to talk about them, dont being too lovey dovey." Changmin grumbled.

"You guys can hug too. no one stopping" Yoochun rolled his eyes at changmin.

"Stop it, lets get into the topic already." Kibum raised his voice alittle.

"okok, we suggested Yunho to propose to Jae. Do you think Jae will accept?" Changmin asked.

"Omo, propose?" Kibum exclaimed.

"What you two brothers think?" Yoochun asked.

"We are actually not sure of whether Jae hyung will accept the proposal. Its really too fast? they dated not even 2 month!" Kibum said.

"I know, although the auntie cant do much in forcing Yunho into marrying. But she'll find ways to talk to the shareholders into getting her son into Yunho's place. Just for the next generation shyt." Yoochun said.

"Even if Yunho marry Jae hyung, he cant give birth" Junsu said looking at Yoochun with a frown.

"actually Yunho hyung said he'll tell the auntie that he had sex with some girl out there and had this baby." Junsu added.

"Huh? But isnt too bad. but where is he gonna get the baby?" Changmin asked.

"He said adopt." Kibum replied.

"Adopt? is he nuts? she'll take for blood test somehow to proof it." Yoochun raised his voice alittle.

"Oh yeah, i think he didnt think that far.." Junsu agreed with Yoochun.

"Oh we can get the shareholders to have a voting session and see who gets the higher votes?" Kibum suggested.

"Eyy? Not bad.. i know most of the shareholder likes Yunho better then that womans son." Yoochun smiled widely.

"Ok Set! " They cheered.

I'm Glad I Found You [R] Chap 26

Chapter 26

"Auntie, i dont need any girl. I like the way i am now. I know what you mean by next generation. But no, i dont want any girls in my life.." Yunho repeated the 6th time to his Auntie.

"How am i gonna tell your mom up there like this? you are not young anymore, you'll need someone to carry on this job." Yunho had his cold face on. Staring at his auntie.

"I know, i know what to do. Not need to worry about it." Yunho said before walking out of his Aunties office.

Jae who was waiting for Yunho for him in his office, smiled when he saw Yunho but soon it had turned into a frown seeing Yunho's troubled face.

"Yun.." Jae tapped Yunho shoulder.

"Oh, baby.. You came? " Yunho tried to hide away his worried face.

"Meeting wasnt successful?" Jae asked.

"You had forgiven me?" Yunho asked back. Jae rolled his eyes.

"Would i be here sending you food then?" Yunho smiled happily, hugging Jae tight.

"Whats wrong? Tell me? Can we not keep secrets?" Jae returned the hug, patting Yunho head.

"My this auntie she's been trying all ways to take over this company, make it hers with my uncle. So shell find all ways to bring me down. 'Now she's asking to get married for the next generation thingy, but i told her i dont have any intention on marrying yet. i''m sure she'll try to get me some girl or something." Jae nodded and froze at the marriage part.

"Baby, i've never been interested in girls before. and you are the first person who got me interested in. so im pretty sure no one else can beat your beauty." Yunho smiled sweetly making Jae blushed.

"Aishh, i'm a male too. Stop saying that, i''m suppose to be handsome!" Jae pouted.

"okok, handsomely beautiful." Yunho laughed when he got a YAH from Jae.

"Chun, what are you doing today?" Junsu asked over the phone.

"Nothing much with some clients now, i'll talk to you later okay?" Junsu made a "hmmm" but jerked when he heard some girls voice.

"CHUN!" Junsu squealed quickly before Yuchun hanged up.

"Who's your client?" Junsu asked, he can hear Yuchun smiled.

"i'll explain later, i'm in a meeting now. Dont think rubbish." After saying that Yuchun hanged up.

"YAHHH!!" Junsu shouted for Yuchun but only to hear the end of call.

"Urghhh, that idiot.. who is that bitch!" Junsu shouted

After few hours, Yuchun came to the house. Smiling seeing Junsu arm and legs cross. " Why? told you not to think rubbish already." Yuchun cuddled Junsu.

"Go away." Junsu said, pushing Yuchun hand away.

"Hey, she's my assistant. the one you saw when you were there. she got to be there with me when we having meeting. she's like my secretary." Yucun explained.

Knowing the truth but Junsu still wanted to get him posture. " Lie..Clients are who? for what? are they girls too?" Junsu popped up with all kinds of questions.

"My Client was Danson, Su. " Yuchun said.

"Huh? isnt he your friend? are you lying again?" Junsu glared at Yuchun.

"He is my friend, but when comes to you. he's my client." Understanding the situation Junsu pouted.

"You always trick me." Yuchun giggled. " Cause you are so cute. especially when jealous." Yuchun roughly pulled Junsu for a kiss.

"Mppphhhh...." Junsu quickly pushed Yuchun. " No No, what if they come back. Jae will kill you for sure.." Just as Junsu said it, Jae came back from Yunho office.

"H-Hyung.. your early.." Junsu smiled awkwardly.

"Why? i cant be early? you guys doing something behind my back?" Jae asked, making Junsu shaking his head furiously.

"no. no.. we arent.." Junsu shuttered. Yuchun chuckled, getting glare from Junsu.

"Su, i'm sorry. But with your shuttering, it kinda obvious." Junsu widen his eyes looking at Jae.

"Do whatever you want.." Jae said deadly

"Hyung something happen when you at Yunho Hyung office? Junsu asked cause of Jae suddenly lifeless reply.

"I'm fine, dont worry." Jae assured then went to his room.

"Something is 100% wrong with Hyung." Yuchun nodded to Junsu " i think so too"

"Auntie, what are you doing here? I told you this morning already.." Yunho just got back from work, to find JKJ standing in a row like being punished.

"And what is this? why are you guys standing here? go to your room." Yunho said upon seeing them.

"I told them to stand there, These are your new maid? they are so rude! They were sitting watching tv, laughing. Is this how you spoil your maids?" JKJ looked down didnt dare to look up at all.

"How i treat my maids or even not maids is none of your business." Yunho said through his teeth.

"So you're saying they are not your maids? Then why are they living here?" Auntie asked again.

"i told you, its none of your business." Yunho said coldly.

"How can it be none of my business when its my responsibility to look after you?" Auntie stood up, angry at Yunho's rude reply.

"I'm old enough to look after myself, its my wish to let whoever i want stay or LEAVE my house" Yunho emphasize on the "leave"

"Hah, Yunho. You are getting more and more rebellious" Auntie stare at Yunho is a dangerous way.

"rebellious is only for kids. i'm no more a kid, stop treating me like one. i want a life of my own, a life that i build up. Not a life build up by someone else. So whether i get a girl or not, its my problem" Hearing those words Kibum and Junsu looked at Jae.

"look down." Jae whispered as soft to only Junsu and Kibum could hear.

"Go to your rooms." Yunho turned his head to the 3 who is still standing with their head low. They nodded and ran to their room.

"In my house, they follow my rules not your auntie. Thats the rule i told them as long the dont break anything, they can do anything." Yunho said.

"Thats how they take advantage of you." Auntie got annoyed.

"I pick before hiring, i observe be fore hiring. You dont need to teach me." Yunho glared at his auntie.

"Whatever it is, heres the file to some girls. take a look" Auntie threw the file of girls profile on the dining table.

"Auntie i told you, i dont want any girls in my life!" Yunho shouted.

"Watch your tone here! no matter what you have to have a girl to continue the --" Yunho cut her off.

"I dont care what shit generation, when i said no mean NO! i want to stay single forever" With that Yunho signed Butler Kang to send his Auntie out.

"I wont let you!!" Auntie shouted.

"Yunho Hyung, what this mean? you are gonna leave Hyung?" Kibum exclaimed.

"Kibum-ah, didnt you hear what i said just now? i said i wont look at those girls, and i dont want my girl in my life at all" Yunho had repeated it a few times already.

"Both of you, stop it! Its Yunho's life. we cant say or do anything, only he can." Jae stopped Kibum and Junsu from asking so much questions.

"Hyung, what you saying? you are gonna give him up?" Junsu asked

"No..i just say that if Yunho have to marry and he wants too we all cant stop him." Jae said sadly.

"I wont, Jae didnt i told you this afternoon? Have you forgotten?" Yunho hold Jae's hand.

"No, haven. But that generation. How? i cant.." Jae looked at his below organ. "Why arent i a girl?" Jae mentally said.

"If you are girl, i wont fall for you even." Yunho said smiling as though he knows what Jae is thinking. Smiling widely Jae hugged Yunho.

"No matter what, no girls will be in my life. get it? i can adopt. i dont mind." Yunho said casually

"your auntie will allow?" Jae asked timidly.

"She cant do anything, i can lie that i had some sex and got this baby and the girl doesnt want so i took him." Yunho giggled at his own story.

Jae couldnt help but giggled together with Yunho. " Hyung, you are really having some weird ideas." Kibum shook his head.

"the only thing is now i got to be extra careful." Yunho said. Junsu asked why.

"She'll try all ways to get me out, so she gets the company and her son will take over. Her son is getting married soon" Yunho said sternly

I'm Glad I Found You [R] Chap 25

Chapter 25

"time for school, baby su." Yuchun smacked and groped Junsu butt.

"Ahh.. Chun..dont.." Junsu whined pushing Yuchun hand away. Yuchun smirked, holding both of Junsu hand tight,parting his butt cheeks.

"Still dont wanna wake up?" Yuchun whispered blowing air into Junsu ears, hands rubbing his entrance in circle.

"Ohhh..." In an instant, Junsu was hard already.

"That was fast Su." Yuchun chuckled, turning Junsu to lie on his back. Taking his dick by sudden.

"Ahhh...aahhhh....Chun..mmmm...." Junsu threw his head back and moaned in pleasure.

"Mmmm...aahhhh...chun...CHUNNnnnnn..." Junsu came into Yuchun mouth.

"So fast and alot too. I guess youa re still sensitive.. i like." Yuchun lick his fingers clean.

"Shut up.." Junsu said, running to the bathroom; face red.

"Yahh, i'll pick you up after school!" Yuchun shouted at the running Junsu.

"huh?! wae!?" Junsu stop his tracks. " I asked Jae, he allowed you to stay for another day at my house!" Yuchun shouted again. Smiling really widely, Junsu jumped in happiness. Yuchun laughed at Junsu behaviour.

"Faster go in, you'll be late!" Realising Junsu nodded and ran to his class.

"Hi danson. Thanks for that day." Junsu sat beside danson.

"No prob, its my job anyway.. " danson smiled. "oh, that idiot dint come today, i've checked. So dont have to worry." Junsu smiled even more.

"Phew, i dont wanna see him at all." Junsu shivered alittle.

"relax, i'm here to help.." danson giggled.

"Glad you are here. " Junsu grinned.

"But dont fall for me. " danson joked making Junsu widen his eyes.

"F-Fall? are you kidding me?" Junsu asked in disbelieve. " You think too highly of yourself" Junsu chuckled.

"Wow, i dint expect this answer." Danson nodded, impressed by Junsu way of talking as its the first time he's hearing Junsu speak like that.

"Well now you know.." Junsu shook his head. "i have someone in heart, you should know who. So i wont fall for you. " Junsu said.

"mmm...time time.." Kibum started feeling around the bed for his handphone. But instead of feeling his handphone he came in touch with something broad, skin feeling thingy.

Slow opening his eyes Kibum got up in shock. "C-Changmin, what happen?" Kibum recalled back their first night, looking under the blanket. Kibum blushed.

"Mmm..." Changmin stir in his sleep. Seeing that Kibum quickly fake his sleep. Waking from his sleep, changmin looked down and stare at Kibum face. Pecking his forehead, changmin silently seperated himself with Kibum.

"Sleep well.." Changmin whispered then walked to the bathroom. Once Kibum heard the bathroom door closed, he opened his eyes.

"Sh!t, what am i gonna say to him later? OH school!" Kibum jumped again, but this time he jumped too hard. Feeling a sharp pain at the bottom of his butt.

"AHHH..." Kibum groaned holding his hips.

"Whats wrong! are you okay? it hurts?" changmin sudden appear, startled Kibum,

"W-When did you got out of the bathroom?" Kibum shuttered

"Just when you shouting in pain, today dont go school. wait till you are recovered. Aish, i guess i was too harsh? Mian.." Changmin carrass Kibum's cheeks.

"Its ok, i was the one asking for it anyway. " Kibum face became even more red. In a swift, changmin carried Kibum to the bathroom. Helping with the water temperature and others.

"call me once you are done, i'll carry you out ok?" changmin said, Kibum nodded.

"Changmin-ah!!!" Kibum shouted for changmin after taking an hour of shower. Running to the bathroom, changmin opened the door without knocking. There Kibum sitting down totally naked, was just about to change.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kibum and changmin screamed. Hurriedly changmin closed the toilet door.

"I'm sorry, i thought you were done." Changmin said from outside the bathroom. "Oh yea, why did you scream? i saw everything last night already" Changmin grinned.

"T-Then why did you scream?" Kibum asked.

"Cause you were screaming." changmin replied.

"What kind of answer is that!!" Kibum pouted.

"Aishhh, are you done?" changmin slowly open the bathroom door.

"No! No! dont come in! i'm not done yet!!!" When Kibum finished screaming, changmin has already open the door. Standing right in front of him.

"YAHHH!!!!" Kibum yelled covering his body with clothes. Smirking changmin walked to Kibum.

"I'll help you change, since you are taking too long" Changmin scoop Kibum up and out of the bathroom.

"I'm not taking a long time.." Kibum whined.

"Yeah yeah.. nice butt." changmin smack Kibum butt. " Yah!" Kibum glare at changmin.

"i'm not gonna be shy, so you dont have to be shy too. we'll be seeing each other body more often." Changmin said. "lift up your hand"

"Pervert.." Kibum said but obeying to what changmin said.

I'm Glad I Found You [R] Chap 24

Chapter 24

"i'm ho..me..what happened?" Junsu asked sensing the tense moment. Yunho changmin standing while their lover sitting on the sofa crossed arms.

"ASK THEM!" Jae & Kibum shouted then looking away.

"Yunho changmin? what you guys did?" Yuchun who has followed Junsu back was also stunned seeing Junsu's brothers this angry.

"Ermm, about B.G they kinda found it out." Changmin mumbled

"B.G?" Junsu looked at Yuchun with a confused face.

"bodygaurd, short form for us." Junsu made an "o" with his mouth.

"He..." Yunho pointed to Junsu. "Yes.. he knows too. but he isnt mad at me" Yuchun said.

"Lucky.." Changmin pout, Yunho nodded.

"Hyung, dont be angry.. they just wants out safety." Junsu tried reason out but Jae and Kibum's pride is too much for them to forgive so fast.

"NO!" the both shouted and stomped away.

"Junsu-ah, help me please?" Yunho gave Junsu puppy eyes.

"I'll try my best, they are much more stubborn then me." Junsu said.

"i need to get back to work now." Changmin said. "i'll come back later on" He then added and left.

Junsu walked into the room, looking at his both brothers still complaining and agreeing with both of their opinions.

"Hyung..you cant blame them, they are worried for your safety especially after finding out that those idiots are from a gang!" Jae and Kibum was shocked now after hearing what Junsu has said.

"what gang?" Kibum asked.

"Underground gang, chun checked out their background a few weeks back. He also did hire a bodygaurd for me. but i dont blame him, i know he wants me save. So Yunho hyung and Changmin hyung also wants the same, they know that you can take care of yourself but what if something unexpected happened?" Junsu explained his knowing to them.

"S-Still.." Kibum shuttered. Somehow knowing changmin's doing.

"I'm a black belt! how can i not defeat a person?!" Jae said " is he underestimating me?" Jae added

"No hyung. i dont think he's thinking that way. Hyung what if theres more then 1 person? you know today i was almost raped? If wasnt for Yuchun's bodygaurd i dont know what would happen to me." Junsu sniffed just by thinking of it.

"Omo! what? are you okay? did he touch you anywhere?" Jae started checking around Junsu's body.

"i'm ok hyung, Danson came and rescue me from that idiot." Junsu said while sniffing.

"as long you're fine thats good." Jae hugged Junsu.

"Hyung, dont blame them can? They just care for you alot. They know you can protect yourself but its just for the what if." Junsu said.

"Did they pay you money to talk for them?" Kibum asked.

" No, of course not. i just want hyung to understand their feelings." Junsu looked at Jae and Kibum.

"We'll think about it." Jae and Kibum said.

"Jae, please talk to me? i'm sorry, i'll ask him to stop already ok? please dont ignore me." Yunho grabbed Jae's wrist, preventing him from walking away.

"Let go, my anger hasnt subside yet." Jae pulled his hand back. but was grabbed back again.

"i know, i know. I just want you to know that i care alot for you thats why i did that, i dint doubt your skills at all. Sorry to hurt your pride." Yunho looked into Jae eyes. Leaning in slowly, just a few inches before the lips could touch Jae moved away.

"Go to sleep.." Yunho hugged Jae from the back. "Lets me go." Jae struggle

"I love you. Sorry. " Yunho whispered, pecking Jae's cheek lightly before leaving for his room. Jae stood there ; stoned.

"must he say that word when im angry?"

"Hows your brothers? have they forgiven them?" Yuchun asked Junsu who was sitting between his legs.

"No. told you they are stubborn. Will need some time." Junsu turned his head to Yuchun.

"Poor them. at least my cutie pie isnt like that" Yuchun hug more squeezing Junsu.

"i'm the timid one among them even though i'm a black belt in taekwondo." Junsu said " i envy them for being brave."

"its ok, i like the way you are. makes me wanna protect you more." Yuchun said, pecking Junsu's lips but had then turned into a passionate kiss.

"Hmm..chun.." Junsu pushed Yuchun gently.

"What? Dont tell me you have menstruations" Yuchun chuckled.

"O-Of course not! " Junsu blushed.

"Then? " Yuchun mumbled into Junsu neck. Leaving some visible marks.

"Ahh...chun..we..just..mmm...did...it..." Junsu struggled out of Yuchun's hold.

"Yah! you perverted old man. we just did it!" Junsu growled.

"Not enough, look at your ass your bouncey lolli. Just makes me wanna suck it." Yuchun lick his lips while eyes on Junsu dick.

"Eyes away from me ! " Junsu ran to get blanket, snuggling into he blanket.

"You know i can easily take away that blanket and make you ask for more." Yuchun said with a smirk on his face.

"yah, yah. stay away from me!!!! Aahhh...chun...noo...aahhhh..." Junsu moaned loudly.

"Told you i can remove it easily.." Yuchun chuckled.

"Am i dead to you? why dont you reply my messages?" Changmin asked with anxious tone, thinking somethig mind happen to Kibum.

"you are.." Kibum walked away like nothing had happened.

"Hey, had a fight with your man? its ok, you can always come to me" Yuhyun hopped to Kibum, hands over his shoulder.

"Get your hands off my guy." Changmin grab Yuhyun hand and slammed him towards the classroom door.

"Omo changmin! stop! please! Stop!!" Kibum pulled Changmin harshly away from Yuhyun.

"What! you are helping him now?!!" Changmin yelled.

"No! i mean.." Kibum wasnt able to finish his sentence when changmin had already pressed his lips on his hard.

"MMMMM....." Kibum eyes widen his shock by the sudden kiss, Yuhyun was also there witnessing the scene infront of him.

"had fun looking?" Changmin glared at Yuhyun. "If i see you near Kibum again, you better watch out.." Changmin then drag Kibum to his car.

"Wait, changmin. i still have classes. Changmin!!" Kibum yelled but there no sign of changmin letting so. Throwing Kibum in the front seat, changmin then sped off.

"my first kiss with him.." Kibum face start to turn red. Seeing Kibum face turn red, changmin thought Kibum has gone mad at him. Stopping at the corner of the road, changmin faced Kibum.

"Do you like him?" Changmin asked. Kibum look at Changmin,frowning.

"No. of course not. " Kibum faced Changmin too.

"Then why did you defend him? " Changmin gripped the stirring wheel tight.

"thats be course i heard from Junsu that he's from some gang. what if he call the gang and beat you up or something. what if something happen to you. How will i survive?" Kibum widen his eyes after realising what he had said in the last sentence.

Changmin too was shocked by Kibum sudden confession, without thinking he pulled Kibum by the head and tongued him passionately.

"Hmmm...mppphhhhh...." Pushing the seat down, he pulled Kibum on top of him.

"Are we going further then this?" Kibum mumbled into the kiss. Changmin smiled, one snap with his finger the window of his car turn tinted.

"Are you ready?" Kibum blushed and nodded.

I'm Glad I Found You [R] Chap 23

Chapter 23

"its been 7 months since Yuchun had helped me into this nice place and people, i dont know what i'll do with i didnt went into his club. And met Yunho, my lover." Thinking back of the memories, Jae just sat at the sofa cry and giggled to himself.

"Hey, whats wrong? not feeling well? wanna take off from school today?" Yunho cuddled Jae, seeing him crying.

"i'm fine, just thinking back what will happen if i didnt went into Yuchun & Changmin club. i think i'll be in a worse place.." Jae said as tears again starts to flow from his eyes.

"shhh...stop thinking about it. i'm always here to look after you hmm?" Yunho lift Jae chin up, making him look at him. Jae nodded

"i'm glad i found you as my soulmate." Jae smiled widely hugging Yunho tightly.

"me too, me too.." Yunho smiled, pecked Jae's head.

" i love you.." Yunho and Jae said the same timing, causing them to laugh together.

"Hyung whats wrong? are you okay?" Junsu asked. "Hyung, dont cry we are all here right?" Kibum hugged Jae, pulling Junsu into the hug too. Yunho released the hug with Jae and let the three brother to hug.

"we are getting late, lets go.. hmm?" Jae wiped his tears then Kibum and Junsu.

"We'll be happy family again.." Junsu said. Jae and Kibum nodded. "Hmm! we will!" they said then laughed together.

"Su baby, after a week you became more handsome!" Hanhong smacked Junsu butt.

"Hey! hands off me please!" Junsu grabbed hanhong hand and twisted it backwards then let go " stay away from me"

Being caught of guard, Junsu was being pulled back by Hanhong into a empty classroom. Slamming Junsu on top of the table. Junsu starting screaming and kicking Hanhong.

"Get away from me! you bastard! dont touch me" Junsu manage to get up from the table, giving one hard kick onto Hanhong's dick.

But after a few steps of running, he was pulled back again. This time Hanhong didnt give Junsu the change of pushing and kicking him away. Junsu started screaming even louder. Hoping someone would come and save him

"no one will come, Su baby. Do you know why i always pick when school ends? Cause is when no people are around. stupid." Hanhong tore Junsu's uniform.

*BANG* The door slammed open. " Leave him alone!! you low life bastard!!" Dason came out of now where, like a hero. Came to the rescue.

"hah, this small fry.. you cant even protect yourself and you wanna protect this sexy butt here?" hanhong laughed.

Not giving any chance for Hanhong to do anything further. Danson dashed towards Hanhong, pull and pushing Hanhong to the wall. Knocking his head on the wall hard.

Hanong with fast reflex didnt allow himself from being knocked, he reversed to knock Danson but Danson was smart. Danson dogde it, holding one of Hanhong's hand Danson slam him back onto the wall.

"Stay away from Junsu, didnt he said he have someone he love? are you that shameless?" Danson pulled his hand even harder, making Hanhong shout in pain.

Danson pulled harder, dislocated Hanhong's arm and left him on the ground groaning in pain. " Junsu, come lets go.." Danson carried Junsu to the sick room.

Letting Junsu sit on the bed Danson called Yuchun to come immediately. Getting confused Junsu asked Danson how he knew Yuchun was his lover. Dansone knowing his mistake of calling Yuchun, decided to tell Junsu the truth.

"bwoh? so he basically hired you to protect me? So you are not my age but act to me my age?" Junsu quesions was more then 500. But Danson just patiently answered every question.

By the time Yuchun came panicking, he was being faced by angry Junsu and innocent face Danson. " you didnt..." Danson nodded.

"Su, baby.." Yuchun tried to explain but was cut off my Junsu's lips.

"Thanks for thinking of me..Without Danson i think i would be raped for real.." Junsu hugged Yuchun tight.

Its was Yuchun turn to be lost now, he thought Junsu would be damn mad but in the end Junsu thanked him. Kinda relieved that Junsu is safe and understanding, Yuchun thanked Danson and carried Junsu back to his place.

"i cant take it anymore, i wanna see that Hanhong already. Didnt he got some bashing from me the other time i saw him cuddling you. Why is he so despo?" Yuchun walked around the house, thinking of ways to beat that kid up.

"chun, he's from a gang. so please i dont want you to get into trouble. The guys that been harrassing Hyungs are all from the same gang." Junsu said.

"really? so i just have to find out the gang they are in." Yuchun mumbled but was heard by Junsu

"DONT! i told you! i dont want my trouble for you!" Junsu gripped Yuchun's shirt tight.

"But i dont want them touching you! only i can touch you!" Yuchun held Junsu's shoulder alittle hard.

"aahh Chun.. lets go pain..." Yuchun quickly let go and apologized after coming back into his senses.

"i'm still gonna find out who is their gang leader.." Junsu couldnt stop Yuchun as he was determined.

meanwhile at home, Kibum and Jae was very angry at Yunho and changmin. Cause they too found out about their lover had hire someone to looking after them in school when they had told them no need. How did they found out?

[Flashback// Jae's part ]


"oh, theres this friend called Jihoon. He's nice, he always protect me from that pervert. i feel safe with him" Jae smiled.

"Bwohh? safe? then you dont feel safe with me?" Yunho began to panic, making Jae to giggle

"of course, i'm much more comfortable with you..Yun..pabo." Jae kissed Yunho's lips, trying to calm him down

"you sure? dont lie to me.." Yunho pout.

"Goshh, dont act cute please..and yes you. always you.." Jae pecked Yunho's lips again.

"but i like him.." Jae added

"YAHH!!!! you.. you cant like him!!!" Yunho stood up. " why not? " Jae wanted to tease Yunho.

"you cant! you are mine! i'll, i'll kill him!!" Yunho was angry, that you can see smoke coming out of his ears and nostrils.

"okok, i'll leave to school now.." Jae chuckled and left home. Leaving the furious Yunho there.

Couldnt wait any longer, Yunho called up Jihoon and fucked him upside down for being too overly nice to Jae. Jihoon of course denied as he really didnt do anything to get Jae to like him or whatever. He just did what Yunho asked him to; protect Jae.

But what Yunho didnt know was Jae had heard what Yunho and Jihoon are talking, cause he forgot to take his lunchbox with him when he left home. After putting down the call and turning around, Yunho was facing a black faced Kim JaeJoong.

" what the hell is going on?"

[End of Jae's part]

[Flashback // Kibum's part ]


"Chang..." Kibum stopped his tracks after hearing changmin called out to seunghyun.

"Seunghyun? that voice.." Kibum knew that voice immediately after one sentence from that man.

Walking in more, Kibum stood here. "Top? what are you doing here? you know Changmin?" Kibum asked.

"ohh! Kibum what are you doing here? Seunghyun is here for business thats all. you know him?" Changmin tried to cover but Kibum was too smart for Changmin.

"dont lie! Tell me the truth! did you hire someone to spy on me?!" Kibum shouted.

"Kibum, he didnt hire me to spy on you. is too..." Kibum didnt let Top talking finish and cut him in

"To protect me then? " Changmin nodded like a kid.

"Didnt i told you i can take care of myself?!! Is this how to trust someone?!" After saying that Kibum ran out of Changmin's office.

"SHYT!" Changmin left everything at his office and ran after Kibum.

I'm Glad I Found You [R] Chap 22

Chapter 22 // RATED

"yah Kibum, can you next time tell me where will you be going? gave me a shock that you went missing" Jae was seriously worried, he had run around the house calling Kibum's handphone.

" Hyung mianhae, i was at Changmin's house" Kibum looked down.

" please next time tell me where you are going. Gawd!i almost called the police thought you were sleep walking or something" Jae panted hard

" Hyung mianhae i wont do it again, i'll tell you where i'm going, sorryyyy" Kibum bite his lips, puppy eyes to Jae.

"hai, as long you're fine i'm okay. what were you doing there so early?" Jae asked "He asked you to be there is it?" Jae continued

"NoNo, i went there on my own. He didnt know i went there" Jae shook his head "you got his house key?" Kibum nodded

" he gave me when i've started work" Kibum said.

"Hyung~ " Junsu came down with Yuchun.

" ohh Kibum you are back, where did you go to?" Junsu asked

"someone house." Jae said cheekily

"we didnt do anything hyung.." Kibum pouted

"oh yes Su, you called for me?" Jae faced Junsu. Junsu nodded.

" i wanna stay Yuchun house tonight, may i?" Junsu asked nervously. "Why?" Jae asked glaring at Yuchun.

Seeing that Junsu stood infront of Yuchun. " its was my idea, dont blame him please hyung" Junsu pleaded

" oh my, just a few days together and one running away from home early in the morning and other is wanting to sleepover" Jae crossed his arms.

"Hyung please?" Junsu begged.

"Just a day, Jae? Can?" Yuchun asked

"Since Junsu wants, what can i say? hmm?" Jae was defeated. " what love can do to you guys" Jae giggled.

"YAY!! Hyung the best!!" Junsu jumped onto Jae, hugging him so tight.

"Ok Su, i get it,let me go now. i cant breathe!" Jae said, pushing Junsu off him

"opps hehe, i'm just too happy thank hyung. Chun let me go pack my clothes for tonight!!" Junsu said excitedly, then disappeared back to his room.

" Thanks Jae.." Yuchun said.

"i trust you to take goo care of Su. Dont let him get hurt or else....." Yuchun nodded a few times.

" where everyone Jae?" Yunho who has gotten back from work, looked around the weirdly quiet house.

"Kibum went changmin hyung house to stay, Su went Yuchun hyung" Jae said while removing Yunho's coat.

"ahh. then we can..." Yunho look at Jae with his lustful eyes.

"you and your pervy thought.." Jae chuckled

" cant help it, i have a sexy boyfriend." Yunho grinned,pecking Jae's lips before heading for his shower.

"come out when you shower finish, i'll make hot the food" Jae shouted. "OK!" Yunho shouted back in the bathroom.

"So fast a week of holiday is gonna end. hai.." Jae signed looking at the calendar.

"you can get more holidays by getting yourself sick" Yunho sudden voice startled Jae.

"Omo, yah! dont do that again please" Jae hold his chest, giving it a few light pats.

"what were you thinking then? getting startled so easily" Yunho loosen his hug from Jae, sitting on the dinning table opposite Jae.

" was just thinking that my holiday is gonna end fast thats all." Jae picked up some food and put on Yunho's plate.

" eat, i've cooked your favourite foods." Jae smiled

" i'll of course eat alot alot" Yunho smiled back.

"oh, just wanna tell you if any guy by the name of mincheong, please dont let him into the house okay? he's a not good guy" Yunho said while munching his food. Jae nodded.

"butler kang knows him, right butler kang? so you'll help me keep an eye" Yunho said. Butler Kang nodded.

"Yes master, i'll take note of it. Jae master, please do seek for my assistants as always" Butler Kang bowed.

"Aigoo, i told you not to call me Master already. and dont need bow to me" Jae whined.

"i asked him to call you that, you are mine now. So he's suppose to call you that" Yunho said.

"i dont want, i just want him to call me by name. please?" Jae look at Yunho with puppy eyes.

"Aishh, just do whatever he says." Yunho told Butler Kang. Jae smiled in victory.

"So just call me by name ok?" Butler Kang nodded and smiled.

" what shall we do after meal?" Jae asked an innocent question but to Yunho its soo not.

"You know it, still ask?" Yunho smirked. " i wont let this chance go.."

" Aishh, NO i wont give you!" Jae stuff his food into his mouth.

"Dont beg for more later" Yunho smirked more. Jae rolled his eyes "No i wont"

" will see about it then" Yunho chuckled

"Ahh...Chun..Chun...aahhh...." Junsu moaned, gripping Yuchun hair as he suck Junsu dick faster and harder.

"nnn..chun...cumming...let go..." Yuchun sucked harder while slowly pushing his fingers into Junsu entrance.

"AAHHHH...chun...pain...dont...aahhh...chun.." Not listening to Junsu at all, Yuchun added more finger one by one then going deeper hitting his g-spot over and over again. Until Junsu came.

"Urrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." Yuchun pulled out his fingers, crawling back up to Junsu. Slamming his lips onto Junsu's. His tongue forced into Junsu mouth, sucking playing with his tongue.

Yuchun then lift both of Junsu's legs up to his shoulder. "i'm going in, relax baby.." Junsu nodded.

Yuchun stroke himself a few times and gently pushed it in Junsu entrance. "ohhh...aaaahhhhhh...." Junsu gripped Yuchun hardly.

"relax, the pain will go away baby.. relax" Yuchun kept pecking Junsu's lips.

Not wanting to hurt Junsu, Yuchun started with a very slow pace. "aahhh....aahhh.....mmmmm...." Junsu grip Yuchun each time he push it in.

"relax, you...are..aahhh...too...tight...i..cant..moveee" Clenching the edge of the bed, Yuchun tries his best to surpass his urge on thrusting mercilessly into Junsu.

"Chun…chun….aahhh…" Junsu called out to Yuchun

"Hmmm? Are…you…okay? " Yuchun whispered into Junsu’s ears. Nodding his head Junsu asked Yuchun to move faster. Smiling happily as he finally let his inner beast out. Thrusting in in full speed, panting hard together with Junsu.

"hah….ahh….ahh….su…not…soo..tight….ahhh…" Yuchun bite Junsu ears, biting his way down to his neck and nipples

"ahhhh…chun..suck..suck..please.. " Yuchun obeyed Junsu’s demand, sucking his nipples until it was purple in color.

"aahhhh….ahhhhh….mmmmm…..close….cloossee…." Hearing that Yuchun changed his position quickly..

"oh my god…why did you change…aahhhhh…..noooo…" Junsu threw his head back, eyes rolled back in pleasure. Yuchun stroked his dick, thrusting into him and sucking his nipples all at the same time.

"aaaahhhhh…..ahhhhh…..nnn…..chun….chun….aaaaaHHHHHHHHHH" Junsu came onto Yuchun hands.

"aahh..ahhh..hahhh..hehh…su….su…NNNNNNNMMMMM…." Yuchun too came minutes after Junsu..

Pecking Junsu’s head, Yuchun held Junsu tight in his arms. "I’ll never let you out of my sight again.. " Yuchun said.

"What if I’m in school then? We have to separate.. " Junsu said innocently. " I have my ways.. don’t worry.. " Yuchun smiled knowing that someone is there by Junsu’s side.

"you seem weird~~" Junsu point his finger at Yuchun. Yuchun giggled and shook his head. " I’m now.. tired? Sleep okay? " Yuchun said, giving Junsu one last peck. Both fell into a deep sleep after that.

"told you that you can never say no to me.. " Yunho said panting

"You seduced me! No fair! " Jae cross his arms, pouting at Yunho. Who had just jump onto him for the 4th round that evening.

"did i? you could push me away, but you still ask me for more.. " Yunho said cheekily. Knowing that Yunho was right, Jae jumped onto Yunho " I’m so gonna take my revenge on you"

"ohh, you are gonna attack me next time? Wow, I’ll wait for it then.. " Yunho said, hand started playing with Jae’s entrance again.

"Yun..stop..aaahhhhhh….not..again…." Jae moaned feeling Yunho’s finger in and out of his entrance.

"you lying on top of me is better then me lying on top of you, I can spread your legs better. " Yunho chuckled adding more fingers into Jae’s butthole.

"aahhh…urrghhhh…..mmmmm…." Yunho started moving his hips, grinding both dicks together,

"Yun…noo…hahh…hahh…aahhh…." Yunho grin. "you said no but you are still moaning and not moving away from me. In fact you are getting harder.. " Yunho licked Jae’s neck. Giving him goosebumps all over his body.

"Too much…feels good…" Chuckling Yunho started grinding and moving his hands even faster,

"aahhhh…..aahahhhhhh…" Pulling Jae’s head up, Yunho bite Jae’s lips. Kissing it with full force. " mmmmm…..mpphhhh….npppmmhhhhh…."

"aahhhhh.aahhhh….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Squeezing both eyes lids hard, both came together for the 5th time.

"ohh, stop already.. I’m really tired.. " Jae pleaded..

"Yun? " Jae looked down, seeing Yunho had already slept.

I'm Glad I Found You [R] Chap 21

Chapter 21

"Changmin, someone at the door. he's looking for you." Kibum came to Changmin's room, gently waking him up.

"Who's that? ask him to come back later. busy busy." Changmin rolled the other side of the bed, covering his head with blanket. Kibum couldnt help but giggle.

"Wake up ~~" Kibum shook him even more. Groaning and grumbling changmin finally got out of bed walking down the stairs to where the person is.

"Hey, awake already?" Just by the voice of that person changmin was widely awake.

"What are you doing here? i'm tired you know?" changmin carried on his grumbling. Kibum came with office for changmin and tea for the other guy.

"New maid? he's cute." The guy eyed on Kibum. Kibum of course had his cold face on.

"Leave him alone." changmin's dark aura came out.

"Ahh, i see. not maid. Hi, i'm mincheong. changmin's long long friend." mincheong took out his hand for a handshake with Kibum but was smack off immediately.

"mincheong..." changmin death glare came around.

"Wow, changmin relax i'm not taking him away from you. just a friendly handshake." mincheong chuckled.

"by the way, whats your name cutie?" mincheong asked

"Kibum, Kim kibum" kibum answered.

"mincheong, stop flirting with my man and tell what u want doing here at *look at the clock* 7am?" changmin eyes went back sleepy after looking at the time.

"i'm flying off to US later, so wanted to see you." mincheong winked at changmin.

"What?!! just for that?! are u fucking me?" Changmin shouted.

"ahahhaa, no relax. actually i came to lend some money from you." mincheong put his hands together, begged.

" i said that time was the last time i lend you any, no more. ask someone else" changmin stood up from his seat walking back to his room. "Kibum send guest out" Kibum nodded.

"Sir, please~" Kibum opened the main door.

"Changmin-ah, please i beg you. i'll be dead if you dont help me!!!" mincheong yelled not wanting to leave the house at all.

"I said NO. i've been lending you enough already. no more. Get out of my house!" Changmin yelled back. "Kibum! please! " Didnt have to be told twice Kibum pulled and pushed mincheong out of the main door.

"Yahhh!!!! Please just one last time !!!!" Mincheong banged the door. Soon security came and took mincheong away.

Kibum wanted to ask, but since its changmin's stuff. He wanted changmin to tell him on his own. Not wanting changmin to think thats he's a busybody.

"Urghh, forever asking me money.. he'll go to Yuchun soon. He's our classmate before" changmin said to Kibum.

"Ohh..HEY!!" changmin pulled Kibum into bed with him.

"He's a drug addict, we didnt know until he asked us money non stop until now. But we had stop now. Always money money when we see him." changmin said, wrapping his arms around Kibum.

"and i thought your friends are only Yuchun and Yunho" Kibum smiled.

"oh yeah, what are you doing here so early? i thought i was dreaming when u woke me up" Kibum giggled, snuggling into his arms.

"i miss you." Changmin smiled and pecked Kibum's head.

"Did you sleep well? did they suspect anything?" Yuchun woke up early just to come and visit Junsu after hearing that his precious is still having nightmares over that incident.

"No they didnt, i just told them bad dreams" Junsu closed the door, in case anyone walk pass would hear their conversation.

" we got to talk softer, they might hear us" Junsu whispered, letting Yuchun sit on the bed, beside him.

"i'm sorry, i should have paid more attention onto you." Yuchun sign looking down,playing with his fingers

"its not your fault, i didnt wanna tell you. Its my fault. Chun dont blame yourself please?" Junsu held Yuchun hand

"i'll get over it soon....i guess..just a little scared. thats normal right" Junsu asked

" of course its normal, you were being......i'll make you forget it hmmm?" Yuchun pulled Junsu into a tight hug.

"wanna stay over my house today?" Yuchun release the hug alittle, looking at Junsu's face.

" you think my hyung will allow?" Junsu laid his head on Yuchun's shoulder.

" i'll plead him, saying i have stress? need you beside me? with you sleeping beside me, i guess you'll sleep more better" Yuchun grinned

" i see some cheekiness instead" Yuchun giggled by Junsu blunt answer.

"Well something like that then " Now is Junsu's turn to laugh. Tightening the hug again, Yuchun pecked Junsu's neck lightly.



"Can you make me as yours?" Yuchun eyes widen looking at Junsu

" yahh, you are still underage for this.." Yuchun said.

" my body have his.......i want to replace it as yours..." Junsu gripped Yuchun's shirt.

" please?" Junsu put on his puppy eye look.

" If you Jae allow tonight, then you better get ready for it" Yuchun chuckled

" naughty boy" Yuchun added. Junsu bite his lips, smiling widely.

I'm Glad I Found You [R] Chap 20

Chapter 20

"omo, why are you here Jae? doesnt it still hurts?" Yunho quickly ran to Jae side, carrying Jae to his office sofa.

"I'm fine, the pain has subsided" Jae said. "Here your food, Butler dont know your schedule much. So i called your secretary and asked." Yunho smiled walking back to his seat.

"Thank you my dear. So you are going back after i eat finish?" Jae nodded

"You want me to stay?" Yunho asked Jae to wait awhile as he answered a phone call. Jae couldnt help but stare at Yunho handsome face, being so concentrating, frowning at some problems.

"baby, when are you gonna stop staring at me like that? am i that handsome" Jaejoong rolled his eyes then giggled.

"eat eat eat.. handsome whatever." Yunho sat beside Jae, opening up the bento.

"Waahhh... Today i have more dishes?" Yunho said with a mouth filled with food.

"Yah! where is your manners, all your food a spitting out!" Yunho didnt care carried on talking to Jae while laughing seeing Jae dodging him.

"Anything else you want? i can go buy for you." Jae packed the bento after Yunho had ate finish. Yunho shook his head, giving Jae a light peck. Jae was about to deepen the kiss when theres a phone call came in.

"Sorry, i'll give you one tonight." Yunho smiled and picked up the call. Jae peck his cheek, signalling that he's leaving. Yunho gave him a nod.


JS: "Chun, where are you? home? office?"

YC: " i'm at the office today with changmin, something came out. trouble. how are you? "

JS: "Everything is fine, i'm ok dont worry.. Just nightmares."

YC: "Haii, my fault.. makes me wanna hug you to sleep."

JS: "hahha, i always want. it was warm that day when i asked you *shy*"

YC: "Aigoo my baby, but i doubt Jae will allow, you are his precious haha"

JS: "mmm... of course i am hehe.. "

YC: "i miss you, i'll come by tomorrow ok? today really not a day for me sob"

JS: "aww, fighting chunnie! ok see you tomorrow"

YC: "muah, i love you."

JS: "muah me too"

*End SMS*

"My bro has become an idiot? smiling to himself" Junsu pout at Kibum then stick out his tongue.

"Go find someone to love then, i'm sure you'll be the same like me." Junsu smiled. Kibum smiled bitterly.

"I did, but... hai.." Kibum mumbled

"What? You said something?" Junsu asked. Kibum shook his head.

"Nothing Su.." Kibum walked away, taking out his phone wondering should he call changmin.

"He must be confessing to that girl now" Kibum thought.

*RING* Kibum's phone ringed.

"Hello?" Kibum answered.

"Kibum-ah, could you come to my house now? Theres work for you" Changmin said excitedly.

"Oh sure, i'm coming right away." Kibum quickly ran to his room, got ready in split seconds. then dashed to changmin's house.

"Oh you are here..thats fast." Changmin smiled. " i want you to see the room i decorated for the confess!" Kibum smiled dropped.

"C-Confess? You are gonna confess today?" Kibum followed changmin to the decorated room. Changmin nodded nervously and opened the door.

Kibum was stunned by the decoration, it was very elegant, very sincere, very beautiful. Walking around, pretend to be observing but internal is very jealous of the girl changmin is gonna confess too.

"Its beautiful, she'll like it very much. hell even i like it so much." Kibum joked, trying hard to hold in his tears.

"You really like it? Thats good then.." Changmin turned Kibum to face him. "Cause the person that i wanna confess to is now standing right in front of me..."

"Ehh?? " Kibum's eyes was at its fullest.

"Will you be my boyfriend Kibum?" Changmin held onto Kibum's shoulder, looking straight into his eyes.

"Huh?? " Kibum was in total shock plus confused. "wait, wait. you are not gonna confess to a girl but ME?" Kibum pointed to himself. Changmin nodded dumbly.

"Is ok, you are not mpphhhh.." before Changmin could finish talking, Kibum had grabbed changmin to a kiss.

"Mmmmm.......mppphhh...." Changmin tighten the hug, licking Kibum's lips asking for entrance. Kibum slowly opened his mouth letting Changmin in. The passionate kiss went on for a good 10 minutes.

"I take that as a yes?" Kibum bite his lips dare not look at Changmin. Changmin gently lift Kibum chin pecking Kibum's lips again.

"I love you.." Changmin whispered.

"Since when?" Kibum whispered back.

"Since the day i saw you at Yuchun's house.." Changmin grinned. Kibum frowned.

"Ohh!! So thats why you have been bullying me with those clothes!!" Changmin started laughing. "You were so cute, i couldnt help it. like an old man"

"YAH! not funny!!! " Kibum chased Changmin around the big house, trying to hit Changmin.

"Hyung, i have something to tell you.." Kibum played with his fingers.

"Whats up? something happened?" Jae started to worry. Kibum smiled

"Nothing serious, its just.....i and changmin are dating now" Jae jaw dropped. Kibum thought Jae didnt like it and felt sad.

"What?! i thought u didnt like him that way?" Jae asked.

"I thought so, but it didnt turn out that way.." Kibum look at Jae pleadingly. "Hyung, you'll allow me to date him right?" Kibum hold Jae's hand.

"I have no idea what to do with you guys.. hah. just date. i'm not saying no you cant." Kibum smiled widely, pulling Jae into a harsh hug.

"yah yah, are you gonna kill your hyung?" Kibum giggled. "Thank you hyung, thank you!!" Kibum couldnt stop smiling.

"Whats so happy about?" Junsu asked, Yunho nodded too.

"How come you two came back together?" Jae asked.

"Yunho hyung saw me walking, so he picked me up. So thats why we are together" Yunho nodded to Junsu's saying.

"oh, ok go get clean up, i've cooked!" Jae pat Kibum's head.

I'm Glad I Found You [R] Chap 19

Chapter 19

" Hey kibum, i dont have work for you today. didnt i tell Yunho to not send you here?" Changmin frowned upon seeing Kibum at his doorstep.

" I want to treat you dinner. Are you free?" Kikum asked, Changmin smiled happily to food while nodding.

"wait, let me change to a proper wear. Come in and seat." Changmin let Kibum in to seat. Running back to his room to change.


Changmin drove Kibum to the place where he wanna give him a treat. Talking and chatting happily, Kibum decided to ask the question he’s been debating since he left his house to come out an excuse to take Changmin out for dinner.


“Changmin, Do you have any one you like?” Kibum asked with a smile. Changmin stared at Kibum innocently.


“Well, Yes. But I’m not sure if that person is into me though.” Changmin chuckled.


“She must be lucky, why don’t you confees?” Kibum forced a smile this time.


“Yea, maybe I should. Just hope “she” don’t reject me” Changmin giving some intense stare to Kibum. But Kibum didn’t notice, he was too into Changmin having some he likes. Who? Who? Who?


The whole trip back to Kibum house was quiet, both said nothing. One was dumbfounded by the silence, other one was in a daze.



“Junsu.. you slept like a log yesterday. And you were having nightmare, kept crying goshh.” Kibum complained. Junsu grinned apologizing to Kibum.


“And hyung, where were you? You didn’t came in to sleep at all? Were you in Yunho Hyung room again?” Kibum asked bluntly making Yunho cough out his drink.


“I help Yunho with stuff..” Jae limped alittle. Whined at the pain.


“Pain?” Yunho wrapped one arm around Jae waist, lifting Jae to seat on sofa.


“What happen? Fell? Yunho hyung what happen?” Junsu asked worriedly.


“Ah..Erm…How should I put this..” Yunho scratched the back of his head.


“yes I fell..” Jae glared at Yunho for taking so long to answer.


“ohh, ok.. I know. I know. Relax. Goshh..” Kibum covered his face and ran back to his room.


“Yahh! What is it? Bum Hyung? Jae hyung? Yunho hyung?” Jae and Yunho acted stupid by shaking their head. Hiding their embarrassed face.


“No fair!!” Junsu pouted.



“Hey Su..” Yuchun hugged and carried Junsu.


“Sweet smell..” Sniffing around Junsu neck..


“Chun, your maids and butler are looking..” Junsu whined.


“hmm? You are no more my maid anyway. Upgraded.” Yuchun giggled.


“Upgraded? To?” Junsu wrap his arms around Yuchun’s neck.


“House wife.” Yuchun smiled widen.


“No No No!! I’m a male!! House man” Junsu laughed making Yuchun laugh too. Couldn’t resist Yuchun slam his lips onto Junsu. Sucking it, gently licking it for entrance.


“Hmmm…don’t..” Junsu pushed Yuchun.


“Sorry, did I scare you?” Junsu shook his head. Yuchun frowned


“I’m shy ~” Yuchun giggled again


“Why are you so cute” Giving Junsu a hard peck on his lips. Giggling again, Yuchun carried on leaving pecks around Junsu lips neck shoulder. Purposely leaving marks too.


sorry for the short chapter. i dont have much time. but i'll still update. D:

I'm Glad I Found You [R] Chap 18

Chapter 18 // Rated

“Chun, what other things you want me to do?” Junsu stood at the door of Yuchun’s office.


“Don’t go anywhere baby, the club is about to open. All the pervert old man are coming in. stay here; close to me.” Yuchun carried on doing his work, Junsu nodded at sat on the sofa playing with Yuchun’s piano with headphone on.


After awhile Junsu wanted to go to the toilet, not wanting to disturb Yuchun. Junsu left the office without Yuchun noticing. Walking through the lonely dark lane to the toilet an old man came out of the toilet.


“Hey cutie, you seem young here. Working here?” A middle aged man held Junsu’s shoulder. Being slightly afraid Junsu just shook his head.


“Don’t be afraid I’m not going to eat you..” The man giggled. Pinching Junsu’s cheeks.


“I’m not a worker here, please leave me alone..” Junsu shrugged off, wanting to run back to Yuchun’s office. But the old man blocked him.


“new here? Cause new once always say this. But wont you get money if there a customer for you?” The man started touching Junsu at some places.


“Stop, mister. Stop.. I said I’m not a worker here please..” Junsu started crying as he was really afraid now.


Junsu got shocked when the man harshly pulled Junsu into the toilet cubical locking both in it.


“YUCHUNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Thanks to his dolphin squeal, Yuchun heard him but faintly. Noticing Junsu’s missing Yuchun ran to where the voice is from. Opening the toilet door, Yuchun felt his anger reached to his limits.


Hearing his lover from inside the cubical, screaming and begging for the man to stop. Giving one hard kick. Yuchun rushed in, giving the man punches that he ownself cant stop. Until some worker came and pulled him off telling him to stop as he’s gonna kill the man.


Coming back to his senses, he went to unconscious Junsu. Carefully carrying Junsu back to his office. Heartaches seeing Junsu in the state.


“How am I gonna explain this to Jae..my poor baby. Aishh..” Yuchun took out his jacket and covered over Junsu’s body.


Yuchun stayed by Junsu’s side until Junsu woke up. Gently tidying his hair, Yuchun apologized for not protecting him well. Junsu shook his head, pulling Yuchun into a hug.


“Nothing happened, don’t tell Jae. Its our secret can? I don’t want to be separated from you.” Junsu tighten the hug.


“Ok, I’m not gonna allow you to come to my work place anymore. I’m so sorry.” Yuchun gripped Junsu shirt. Junsu shook his head again.


“Not your fault. Is I didn’t wanna disturb you while you were working. I should have told you.” Junsu snuggled more into Yuchun’s hug. Yuchun looked at Junsu pale face, slowly bit by bit he lean it, claiming Junsu lips into his. The small peck went into a deep passionate kiss.



“So fast holiday had started, I’m free from those jerks in class!!” Jae started shaking his butt while cooking.


“Stop that, you are tempting me.” Yunho hugged Jae from the back hand slide down to Jae butt, giving it a hard grip..


“ahh..don’t.. wait till I cook finish.” Jae whacked Yunho hand. Removing his hand from Jae butt Yunho slide back up to Jae waist, circling around it.


“Faster cook, I wanna eat and have my dessert.” Yunho pecked Jae’s neck, bitting it alittle. Jae giggled.


“Who says I’m gonna let you have dessert?” Jae turned his head back a little.


“Then I wont have it.” Although Yunho said that but there was an obvious pout to it. Couldn’t get enough of Yunho’s pout Jae agreed.


“Are we doing full this time?” Jae questioned. Yunho was taken aback.


“Wow, you are straight forward.” Yunho said. Jae stick out his tongue.


“I just wanna know, so I can get prepared.” Jae licked Yunho’s lips, then getting out a giggle.


“Urggghhh, I don’t think I need to eat anymore. Dessert now!!” Yunho off-ed the gas switch and carried Jae back to his room.


Slamming Jae onto the bed, Yunho crawled on top of him not wasting anytime. Yunho tongued him, pieces and pieces of clothes being thrown onto the floor. Jae jerked when Yunho sucked him hard.


“Ahhh….faster….Yun…feels good….aahhh…..” Yunho lifted one of Jae leg ont his shoulder, putting 3 fingers into Jae mouth. After it was fully soaked with Jae saliva, Yunho pushed it into Jae tiny entrance.


“AHHHHH…..hurts….Yun….pain….” Yunho moved up to Jae lips. One hand stroking him, other hand at the entrance of his hole. Slowly adding more and more fingers into his hole.


“It’ll go away, bare for awhile..” Yunho kissed around his nipples then going back up to his lips.


“Ohh….deeper…mmmmppphhhh….” Yunho obeyed he went in deeper, smiled when Jae started shouting.


“Omgg…there….ahhhh…there….more….please…..” Hitting the g-spot over and over again made Jae almost over the edge. But just as Jae was about to come Yunho pulled out his hand and stop his stroking.


“Urghhh,why stop…” Jae pout.


“ I want to come together..not fun with you only having the pleasure.” Yunho turned Jae into a doggy style.


Applied oil around his dick, Yunho slowly entered Jae hole. Leaning down, planting love bite all over his back.


“Ohh….Just how..aaahhhh…big you are….damn…” Jae gripped the bedsheet, legs were also trembling.


“You okay?..” Yunho asked once his all was in Jae..


“can I move?” Breathing really hard, After a few minutes Jae finally nodded his head.


“move please.” The pace started very slow, after hearing Jae’s begs. Yunho pace started speeding up.


“urrghhh…..aahhh….nnnnn….tight…lossen up…” Yunho grab Jae dick pumping it the same timing as his thrust.


“Ahhhh….can’t….too good….ahh..aahh…aahh…uhhnnn….” Yunho’s hand are like octopus never in one spot, always around Jae body, from dick to nipples to butt.


“Turn your head…fuck…aahhh….i want to….Urghhh…kiss you…” It took sometime for Jae to react as the pleasure was killing him.


“Mphhhh…..aahh……nnn….mmm…..c..cumming..” Jae moaned into Yunho’s mouth.


“nnnn…..mmmm….mpphhhh…..mmmmmm……yea..” Thrusting really hard and fast while stroking at the same speed. Jae broke away from the kiss and threw his head back.


“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH……..” Getting the feel of Jae squeezing tighten unho too came hard.


“Urghhhh…..daamnnnnn…..” Having a few more thrust, Yunho and Jae fell asleep like that.